Something’s Awry Productions

We don’t make videos. We tell stories.

Stories with heart. Stories with humor. Stories with something to say.

From award-winning branded content and commercials to acclaimed short films and animation, our creative team fuses imagination with invention to create the video productions everyone remembers. Each work that emerges from our studio reflects our devotion to pitch perfect production values and collaborative client relationships that start with story development and end with post-production and marketing. And it all begins with a single question:

What story do you want us to tell?


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One of the great things about living and working in a small community is being able to find and work with great local companies like this one! Houghton Enterprises, Inc. is providing us with a wonderful location for one of our upcoming videos- be sure to check them out at a local carnival near you this summer! #PAFilm #BTS #Filmproduction #Brandedcontent #TongalTeam ...

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