Lego Yellow Submarine Collage

Business Challenge:

The LEGO Group needed a fun Beatles inspired video to accompany the release of their new LEGO Yellow Submarine set. They wanted something that would be shared across several platforms and picked up by media sites.  One obstacle we had to overcome was that while they were licensed to create the Yellow Submarine using LEGO bricks they were not allowed to use the iconic Beatles song in the video. In addition, they wanted something that was uniquely ‘LEGO’ since there were several other toy companies licensed to create Yellow Submarine themed products as well.


Working with Tongal and Flashpoint PR, we came up with a storyline that was fun and reminiscent of the movie The Yellow Submarine. Combining stop motion animation and psychedelic 2D elements drawn by Actuality Films gave the visuals a suitably ‘trippy’ feel.  We were sure to incorporate several shots of the submarine being built and rebuilt to further emphasize that this was a uniquely LEGO product.  Last but not least, we hired Tribe Sound Records to create a Beatles inspired soundtrack that did not directly copy any of the Beatles songs.  The results were amazing! The video accompanied the press release and within two days was viewed over 2.5 million times and shared over 35 thousand times online. It was also shown on many major news outlets worldwide including the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Gizmodo, Nerdist, Wired, The Telegraph, Billboard, ABC, NBC, and hundreds of others.

“Thanks Amy-  Your team did a phenomenal job!”

Lin Cong

Executive Producer, Tongal


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